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June 10, 2013
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He sighed and turned again. Another sleepless night because he would be going off to war in just a few short hours. He wished that he didn’t have to go over and over while his eyes were staring blankly at the plain ceiling. There was a slight movement that traveled through his bed and slender arms wrapped themselves loosely around his neck. He smiled and turned his attention to the smaller woman in the bed next to him and his gaze made contact with a pair that were tired and soft.

“Ludwig? Why are you still awake?” Her voice came as hushed tone as one of her small hands traced invisible patterns on his large muscular chest.
“I just couldn’t sleep liebling.” He responded quietly while running his fingers gently through her hair.

She sighed a mixture of content and empathy.

“Do you want to talk about it honey?” She asked, laying her head down on his chest.
“You shouldn’t have to worry about it. Ist mein problem frau.” She shook her head and chuckled.
“Of course I’m going to worry about it. You need sleep Ludwig, and you haven’t really gotten any in the past few nights. Now, please tell me what’s wrong.” He groaned in annoyance, was he really that open and easy to read?

He ran a hand through his messy blond locks. She pursed her lips and brushed them across his cheek.

“Ludwig, you’re tense and tired. You should get some sleep.”
“But how can I get sleep if I want to stay with you und I can’t? The only thing I want to do is hold you close to me and never let you go. If I go to sleep, then I could miss out on something.”
“Okay, if you can’t sleep, then I’ll stay up with you. I’ll stay awake until the morning so I won’t miss you leaving.” He smiled softly at his wife.

They stayed up that night, talking about things that varied from spoons, to his quirky habits, to the first time they had met. How he couldn’t speak to her unless he wasn’t facing her and over a keyboard. They could speak for days on end over the computer, but in real life, he couldn’t say a word without the powerful urge to vomit. It made her laugh then and still made her laugh. All it did to him was make him embarrassed. They then began to talk about the proposal.

“Ludwig,” He froze and turned, “what are you doing in a pink apron?” His eyes widened and his throat became tight. He opened his mouth to speak, yet nothing came out. He looked away and wiped his large hands on the apron and finally found the words to speak.

“Y-you’re here early __y/n__.” He managed to squeak out.

He turned a bright red and she began to laugh. A bell rang in the moment that was intensely awkward for him. He put on a pair of oven mitts and pulled out warm pans from the oven and set them down on the counter. She stepped over and wrapped her arms around him. He jolted slightly in surprise and looked at her.

“Can I help you with the cake Luddy?” His eye twitched at the nickname but nodded. Later on that night, he slipped a ring onto the top of her slice of cake with a note written on the cake. The note read ‘Will you marry me?’ She read the note and with tears streaming down her cheeks she accepted his proposal merrily.

They both looked fondly on the memories of their relationship to that very moment. They smiled and shared a few laughs. The sun was beginning to rise up and they saw this. Saddened at the view, she rubbed her cheek against his large arm.

“Ludwig,” She whimpered.
“__y/n__.” He whispered, running his fingers through her shining hair.
“I have something important to tell you.”
“Ja?” He looked down at her and became worried when his gaze met hers. Her orbs looked panicked and nervous.

Her gaze broke away from his and she blurted out, “I’m pregnant.”

He froze as he absorbed the information. all that could be heard from the room was the birds chirping in the early morning and their almost silent breathing. He began to nod slowly and rose from the bed.


He smiled at her, the smile was so warm and filled with tenderness as he asked, “How long have you known?”
“Since yesterday morning.” He nodded and kissed her softly.

They smiled against each other's lips and whispered the same words, “Ich liebe dich.”
Just a contest entry for :iconcatastrophic-mind:'s Contest. One fluffy Germany reader insert/songfic done! :XD: There it is, mah super fluff! Enjoy loves!

:iconsexygermanyplz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
I only own the plot!

Song used: Daylight by Maroon 5
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