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June 6, 2013
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His light violet eyes scowled at the partially opened window. A large moving truck was parked on the curb and there was a group of large men scattered, carrying furniture into the house next door. With a frustrated sigh, he turned away from the window and stomped into the kitchen. Grumbling to himself in German, he pulled out a cold bottle of his favorite beer from the refrigerator.

“Those verdamned movers, why so they have to be so loud? I was trying to sleep,” His attention turned to the wall clock hung up and it read 4:00 pm, “Und I’m up early too!”

He continued to throw a small hissy fit over his ‘loss’ of perfectly good sleeping time. In the midst of his ranting, there was a quick rapping at his large, aged wooden door. He was jolted out of his thoughts and looked down at his outfit.

“Well, I’m decent.” But his definition of ‘being decent’ was wearing a pair of dark boxers and a white wifebeater.

His friend, if he could really call him that, Luciano would have beat the utter crap out of him if he had seen the clothing he was wearing to open the door. But he wouldn’t come even close to what his older brother Louise would do to him. He would skin him alive and mount his head on the wall in his trophy room. At least it wasn’t his casual, his casual would scare a group of nuns away because they would become impure if they were to take a glimpse.

“Coming!” There was a ringing from his doorbell sounded off. He began to curse in German when he bursted open his door, but quickly cut himself short. A smaller woman was at his door, staring bug-eyed at him and his eyebrows furrowed at her. She wasn’t that bad looking to him, a bit too dressed for the weather outside with her cardigan and a pair of old jeans, but a bit more on the plain side. Her eyes were large and bright with life and some of her hair hung loose in front of her round face. Her face was a bright red and she turned her gaze away from his person. He looked down confused and a pale eyebrow quirked up in interest as his eyes rose up to her again.

“You like what you see little fraulein?” He said in a seductive tone, gesturing to his built physique.

Her face turned an even deeper shade of crimson and held up her arms shakily, they held a basket filled to the brim with goodies, from cookies to a bottle of a fine Italian wine.

“What is this for?” His voice curious
“I-I’m your new neighbor, __f/n & l/n__ And I thought that it would have been a nice gesture.” She continued to ramble until he cut her off with a finger to her lips.
“You didn’t need to do this fraulein.”
“But I wanted to.” Her words confused him, why? He didn’t understand in the very least.
He took a quick peek through her window, it was extremely early for him to be up, especially on a Saturday. He searched for her in the neat living area. Nothing, no sign of his quiet neighbor.

He huffed in disappointment, “She must have gone to mass or something like that.”

He heard a faint sound coming from inside. He heard some music playing in the other room, he wasn’t sure which room it was, but he was going to find out. After about ten or fifteen minutes, he found where the music was coming from, her bedroom. He looked around at all the posters and stuffed animals. He cringed slightly at all the stuffed animals and a door opened.

His jaw dropped when his eyes came into contact with what stood in front of him. A woman, dressed in the most delectable dress he had ever seen in all his life. The dress was a black dress that hung loosely, hinting to each curve of her feminine body, the dress hung to slightly above her knees and flowed like the lazy waves of the ocean. She struggled a bit with the tall jet black heels, but ended giving up on the heels and wore her usual flats. He could hear her grumbling, but her voice wasn’t loud enough for him to hear clearly. He was dying to know who the mystery woman was, since he couldn’t see her face, and what she was doing in his neighbor’s house. He didn’t get to see her face, because it got blocked whenever he thought he was going to get a clear view of her face.

Every part of her was a mystery, and wanted to be able to be in on that secret. Her dress hung in such a classy way, it struck him as a woman who respected herself. She wasn’t like any other woman he had seen previous to that moment. All the other woman he had previously had contact with was the kind that one would describe as ‘easy’ or ‘slutty’. But this woman, this one was the kind that you would want to show off to the world, the kind that when she clung to your side, made all the guys jealous, the kind that could outshine any star easily. She had an aura of self confidence and sophistication emanating from her body. He felt a throbbing in his chest and it frightened him a bit, thinking that he could have been having a heart attack for all he knew.

“Beautiful and mysterious, I need to know who this fraulein is.” He whispered breathlessly.

He snuck around the house to the bushes to the front of __y/n__’s home and waited as patiently as he could. The door opened and she stepped out.

“Come on. Come on. Just one peek at your pretty face fraulein.” He murmured to himself.

Something in the tree next to the bush where he hid. Her head snapped in the direction when he saw her face, he felt the same throbbing from earlier. It was her face! His shy little kätzchen __y/n__. He forgot how to breathe at that very moment, he couldn’t even remember his name. ‘It’s not Daniel. Dieter? No, it started with a “L” right?’ His ivory face crinkled in confusion and frustration, but deep down, he felt something stir in his heart that he felt whenever he saw and spent time with his shy neighbor. He felt the need to take her up into his arms and whisk her away from all those that posed as a threat to him.

It was the first time that he felt a warmth, and it was such a warmth, that it began to break through his hardened heart. He saw flashes before his eyes, it was her, but in a large white dress and a veil. She then turned her gaze to him and smiled a dazzling smile. He looked back down at her dress, but it had changed to her regular attire, with the sweaters and all. At that moment, he had only one thought present in his mind.

“I need to have her.” And he would do anything to keep it that way.
And...done. This is not my least I don't think I did that great on it, but I may write a sequel if I'm feeling it...
I just thought that the 2p! characters needed some loving, so yeah...tah dah! Enjoy this poop I call a fan fic.

:icon2pgermanyplz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
I only own the plot!
Song used: Make You Mine by :iconjoejonasplz:

Hey! You! Yes, You! If you liked this, check out some of my other stuff here---->… ((But be aware, there's more than just writing there~))
There's now a PART TWO! Check it out here~
Part 2:…
Final Part can be found here:…
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